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Fun French and Spanish classes for children from age 3 to 11 with our French and Spanish native speakers, teachers at Language Learning 4 Kids. We offer after school classes to children in small groups so they can learn in a fun and relaxed manner. Our classes for little ones are aiming to give an awareness of the language, with learning basic vocabulary and very short sentences. Our classes for older children are aiming at teaching the four skills of the language, that is listening and understanding, speaking, reading and writing.

Our classes are held at the Cheadle Village Hall in Cheadle, Cheshire.

French classes: Thursdays at 4pm (8 to 11 year old)  – 4.40pm (5 to 8 year old)  and 5.10pm (3 to 5 year old)

Spanish classes: Saturdays at 10am (3 to 6 year old)  and 10.45am (6 to 11 year old)


Tel:  Sophie on 07811 67 40 65