Maths Made Easy

  With the news that GCSE’s have been cancelled this year, you might be wondering what your own or your child’s grades will be and how they will be determined.  And what will happen if they are not what you expected?  Fear not, you have options. Have you ever considered GCSE equivalent qualifications?  The most…

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White Rose Beauty Colleges

  E-mail: Visit the Website: Telephone: 0161 236 7181

Introducing Wesley & George Playful toys and décor that spark creativity What are you doing mummy? Can I have a turn mummy? Questions I hear every day from my little boys and the best proof of how inquisitive our little ones are. It’s this curiosity that drives Wesley & George to carefully source the most playful décor, furniture and toys…

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Easter Games to Play at Home

15 Fun Easter Themed Games To Play With The Kids We all know this is not going to be a normal Easter so if you want to do something a bit different from the usual egg hunt this Easter, why not try some of our Mumbler tried and tested family games.   Image source:…

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COVID-19: Keeping your kids connected to Family and Friends

COVID-19: Keeping your kids connected to Family & Friends In these uncertain times, our children are going to miss the social aspects of school, clubs and extracurricular activities more than anything. With this in mind, we have put together some ideas to keep your kids connected with both family and friends! Phone Obviously we all…

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Explaining Coronavirus to Children

As the reality of staying home begins to hit for many children, and the realisiation that this is not in fact an extended holiday (much as we are trying to make it fun!), the ‘why’ questions become more frequent.  But just how do you explain what’s going on in the world right now, without causing…

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Keeping Positive During Coronavirus

Keeping Positive During Coronavirus- Listen to your grandparents generation. This fabulous guest blog about keeping a positive attitude was sent in by a Mumbler Nana- Linda Oldridge. Here she shares her advice about maintaining a positive attitude. Easier said than done ? We are being bombarded on an almost hourly basis, with all the awful…

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Free Online Education Resources

FREE online education resources School closures will no doubt come, and though schools will send some work home no one can know how long the kids will be off school. For any parents worrying this list was put together by the home ed community. FOR ALL AGES BBC Learning – This site is old and no…

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101 Things to Do with Kids at Home

101 Things To Do With Kids Indoors (and your own garden) If you’ve decided to spend more time indoors this week – then this blog is for you! With current events in mind, we thought it was a good time to share some ideas for fun and easy things that you can do with kids…

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Indoor Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Indoor Activities for Babies and Toddlers   Not being able to get out and about because you need to stay at home, for whatever reason, can make the days feel long.  And if you have young children, the hours can begin feel like days.  So what can you do to help maintain your sanity (and…

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