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The Positive Birth Movement – Stockport

We are a grass roots movement, spreading positivity about childbirth via a global network of free Positive Birth groups, linked up by social media.

We believe that every woman deserves a positive birth.

We think a positive birth means:

· Women are where they want to be
· Choices are informed by reality not fear
· Women are listened to and treated with respect and dignity
· Mothers are empowered and enriched
· Memories are warm and proud

Our movement exists because, at a global level, many women are not currently having a positive birth.

We hold the birth experience to be of fundamental importance, to mothers, to fathers, to babies, to families and to society.

We wish to change birth for the better.

We aim to:

· Challenge the culture of negativity and fear that exists around birth
· Share positive birth experiences
· Share information about choices and rights in childbirth
· Encourage women to raise their expectations of childbirth

We will do this by:

· Establishing a network of free to attend positive birth groups
· Linking all groups together via social media to build a global network of shared expertise, power and positivity.
· Working together to challenge the culture of fear that surrounds birth.
· Empowering women to approach birth differently


Groups are held monthly, please click the link below to find out when the next one is and for more information.


Antenatal Physio Led Pilates

Where: Hawk Green Cricket Club, 20 Upper Hibbert Lane, Marple. SK6 7HQ

When: Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm

Small & intimate antenatal and postnatal classes with qualified physiotherapist, perfect for anyone with who needs additional support with their fitness through pregnancy and after childbirth, whether you’re struggling with pelvic girdle pain, want to prevent it occurring again, managing a chronic condition or an elite athlete who needs advice for optimum exercise maintenance.
Booking and initial assessment required.

Further information at



Aqua Natal

Thursdays 8.00pm-8.45pm in the Main Pool at Seashell Trust, Stanley Rd, Cheadle Hulme SK8 6RQ

Aqua Natal is a holistic approach to exercise during pregnancy. This can be participated in from week 14 of pregnancy up until your due date and beyond. It has many benefits to both mum and baby helping you have a shorter labour and lowering the chance of having an assisted delivery. £5.50 per session or £24.00 for 6 sessions.

Tel: Heather Potter on 0161 610 0121

Cheadle Hulme Physio Pilates

Thursday in Cheadle Hulme, 6:30-7:30pm & & 7.45-8:45pm

Wednesdays in Bramhall, 9:30am-10:30am

Beginner and intermediate Pilates classes suitable for any age, any level of fitness and any ailment. Run by a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Musculoskeletal complaints such as lower back pain, knee complaints and shoulder pain. Beginners classes may also be suitable for Ante-natal clients.

But you don’t have to be injured to join in… Pilates is a great way to condition your body, compliment your sport/hobby and prevent injury.

Tel: Samantha Jones on 07801706933

Creative Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing offers a full antenatal and relaxation course in preparation for birth.

Call Katy Waithe on 07749461897 for more details.

Daisy Birthing

Daisy Birthing is a practical, educational and supportive journey through pregnancy and birth.
Your classes will cover a combination of:

• Antenatal and active birth education • Breathing techniques • Relaxation and birth hypnosis • Yoga based movement • Meeting local pregnant women

Daisy Birthing is accessible for all mums no matter of shape, size, and ability and is suitable for both first and subsequent pregnancies, supporting all birth plans and choices.

Tel: 07908251783

Daisy Birthing Active Antenatal Classes (6 week term)


Daisy Birthing is a practical, educational and supportive journey through pregnancy and birth.

Our all-inclusive Active Antenatal method is an all-encompassing pregnancy class helping you to learn your antenatal education in a truly effective way. Each week traditional antenatal education is combined with active birth principles, taught seamlessly alongside repetitive flowing movements designed to anchor the education to your body, breath and movement, exactly where you will need it on your baby’s birthing day.


 Location Heaton Mersey, Stockport



Fit Bump to Baby – Amber Moore Fitness

Tuesdays and Thursdays at Stockport Sports Village, Lambeth Grove, Woodley

Pre and post natal fitness delivered to you by personal trainer mummies for low-risk pregnancies and new mums at least 8-12 weeks post birth.

Tel: 07936 466031

FitBack and Bumps Antenatal Course

Tuesdays 7.30-8.30pm Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church

The FitBack and Bumps Antenatal programme is designed for ladies who want to keep fit during their pregnancy, and for those ladies who are experiencing specific problems such as back or pelvic girdle pain.

It is a unique programme and combines a mixture of antenatal education and exercise. The course runs over 4 weeks and is taught by  a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Tel: 07736453597

Hypnobirthing Manchester

Tel: 07932 794106

Mummies Matter

Mummies Matter offers Physiotherapy led Pilates classes for mums during pregnancy and post baby.

I am Susie, a physiotherapist and mum of 2. My business is called Mummies Matter and we provide Physio led Pilates classes for mums during pregnancy and postnatal. If you are looking for a small, relaxed class with a specialist physiotherapist, that is what we offer at Mummies Matter. All the exercises are safe for you at your specific time of pregnancy and post baby. We offer daytime and evening sessions and babies are welcome to the daytime classes.


Classes held at Heaton Mersey Community Centre, St. Johns Road, SK4 3BR:

Mondays : 19:05-20:00 Antenatal Pilates / 20:05-21:00 Postnatal Pilates

Tuesdays: 09:30-10:25 Antenatal Pilates / 10:25-11:30 Postnatal pilates (babies welcome) / 19:30-20:25 Antenatal Pilates

£7 for a trial. £42 for a block of 6, discount for planned holidays.

Tel: Susie on 07813255019

Mummy & Me Exercise

Mummy & Me Exercise offer a range of Antenatal and Postnatal exercise and education classes in Stockport and Tameside, led by a qualified physiotherapist.

Tel: 0161 4276730

Pre-Natal Pregnancy Yoga Class – Yoga Aura

Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:40 £7.50 Hazel Grove book week by week.   
Friday evenings 6:30-7:45 £50 for 6 week course taken over a max of 7 weeks. Pay as you go £9. Places are limited.
Friday evenings 6:15-7:15 Norbury Church, Hazel Grove £36 for the 6 week course or £6.50 a class. Limited places with priority given to block bookings.


Pregnancy Yoga supports expecting mothers through pregnancy through relaxation and breathing techniques that relieve anxiety, stress and pain relief, as well as through yoga postures that build strength, promote flexibility and keep the body supple. Yoga plays an important role in assisting mothers through the stages of labour and childbirth and reduce common ailments including back pain. It empowers and unites expecting mothers on their journey. All welcome from 14 weeks.

Tel: 07795 418266

Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation – Sarah Parker Fitness

Tuesdays at 8.15pm at Christ Church, Reddish / Thursdays 8.30pm at Christ Church, Reddish / Saturdays at 10am at Didsbury Road Primary School, Heaton Mersey.

This gentle exercise class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and a great way to work on posture, pelvic floor and abdominal strength.  Come and meet other mums-to-be whilst getting some time to focus on you.  No previous experience necessary.

Tel: Sarah on 07944781630

Pregnancy Yoga

Wednesday evenings at Bramhall Lane South, Bramhall, SK7 2EB

Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church, Ramillies Avenue, Cheadle Hulme, SK8 7AL

You don’t need to have prior experience of yoga, although you do need to be at least 15 weeks. The classes feature a mix of yoga sequences, birth preparation tips and tools, active birth positions and hypnobirthing techniques. Any woman, and any type of pregnancy will benefit! We end the class with deep relaxation which nourishes you and your baby beautifully. Classes last around 75 minutes. You don’t need to bring anything other than a pillow, and some water/light refreshment should you wish.


Tel: Zoe on 07973 922623

Pregnancy Yoga – Active Birth and Antenatal Education

Our weekly classes are a great way to practice and prepare your body and mind for the birth of your baby.

  • Achy shoulders and back
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Heartburn
  • PGP & SPD
  • birth breathing
  • positions for birth
  • relaxation techniques
  • positive affirmations (hypno techniques)
  • practical positions for moving from home place to hospital / birth centre or anywhere during labour (you could be trying to get home if you are having a home birth)
  • reduce fears and anxiety
  • build your confidence
  • Baby connection
  • Meet other Mums-to-be

Monday – Alderley Edge 6:30pm – 7:45pm

Tuesday – Didsbury 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Wednesday – Hyde 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Sunday – Mossley 11:30am – 12:45pm

Tel: Jai on 07738390113

Pregnancy Yoga by Raven Yoga Studio

Saturdays 9:30am – 11:00am

Raven Yoga Studio, Brook Street, Hazel Grove, SK7 4QX

Price: £8 drop in, £35 for 5 classes (to be used within 6 weeks), £60 for 10 classes (to be used with 12 weeks).

Please bring your own mat. Mat’s can be hired for £2, please let me know in advance if you need to hire a mat.


Puddle Ducks Aqua Natal

Thursday evenings at Reddish Vale High School, Reddish Vale Rd, SK5 7HD

Tel: 0161 883 0222