Valentines Day for Kids

Valentines day doesn’t have to be just for those in romantic relationships.  And even if you don’t buy into the commerciality of the day, it can still be a day to make the kids feel extra special. Share the love and fun with your kids this Valentine’s Day with some of our tips and ideas for making them feel aaaallllll the love.


1. Ask them what they think the definition of Love is. I guarantee their responses will melt your heart (or have you howling with laughter!) Maybe even film their response so you can look back in future years.


2. Send them a Valentine’s card. Tell them all the reasons they’re so special to you, what you love about them and how much you love them.  We tell our kids we love them often, but how often do we tell them why we love them and the reasons they’re so special?  It’s a lovely way to boost self esteem and put a little spring in their step.


3. Do some Valentines baking … everyone loves a heart shaped cookie, right? Let them decorate them with pink and red icing and sprinkles too if you’re feeling extra adventurous.


4. Valentines crafts – make valentines cards with them, maybe for another parent or grandparent, a sibling or a friend. The pound shops have loads of valentines themed foam stickers, tissue paper and glitter in at the moment.  Get them to write (or tell you and you do the writing if they’re not writing yet) all the reasons they love that person so much and what they mean to them.


5.A valentines ‘date’ with your little person. You could go for a hot chocolate, for a walk or to the park, or even to watch a film at the cinema (there’s quite a few kids films coming out in time for half term).  They get your undivided attention and a special treat at the same time.


6.Make a special Valentine’s breakfast – you can get metal heart shaped cutters to help you make heart shaped pancakes, or if you’re short on time (who isn’t on a school morning?!) then you’ll find heart shaped crumpets and other breakfast treats in most supermarkets at the moment. Turn them red with some yummy strawberry or raspberry jam!


7. Little Love Notes – use heart shaped sticky notes and stick them around the house in places they’re likely to find them.  Write little messages of love on them and make their hearts glow.

Have a LOVEly Valentines Day, whatever you get up to 💜

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